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How to connect Nav. Radio Module Mobiflight? (MSFS2020/XP11/P3D)

Everything you need to run the Nav. Radio Module via Mobiflight is on this blog page.


  1. Install Driver
  2. Install Mobiflight
  3. Download Config File:
  4. Run Mobiflight
  5. Load the Config File into Mobiflight
  6. Ready to go!

If you order before 17.09.2022, please note that:

The Nav. you have is configurated to run via XPLDirect with X-Plane 11 Zibo737. Update the firmware by following the steps;
1) Download the Uploader
2) Download the Firmware and CPT Module Config File
3) Close all applications and be sure Mobiflight is not running in the background
4) Connect Nav. via USB
5) Extract Uploader
6) Move the Firmware file(mobiflight_uno_9.0.0.hex) into Uploader
7) Run Xloader.exe
8) Click the file selection button
9) Select the Firmware File
10) Select the device as EFIS/NAV/COMM/ATC/ADF V1
11)Select the Com Port which is the Nav. connected
12) Click the Upload button.
If Xloader still says “Uploading” after 2 min.;
12.1) Disconnect the USB cable and then connect it
12.2) Select the device as EFIS/NAV/COMM/ATC/ADF V2
12.3) Check the Com Port is the USB port connected to Nav.
12.4) Click the Upload button
13) Run Mobiflight
14) Click Mobiflight Modules
15) Select the module (Nav.) according to the Com Port
16) Load the Module Config File into the Module
17) Restart Mobiflight

If any help is needed, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord or e-mail.

Best Regards,
M. Yasar Kaya

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