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How to connect ATC Radio Module Mobiflight? (MSFS2020/XP11/P3D)

Everything you need to run the ATC Radio Module via Mobiflight is on this blog page.

ATC Panel has two different hardware versions: ATC_v6 and ATC_v7. After 1st June 2023, all the ATC Panels are ATC_v7.
Note that, the hardware’s version is labelled behind the ATC Panel.


  1. Install Driver
  2. Install Mobiflight
  3. Download Mapping/Config File:

  4. Run Mobiflight
  5. Load the Config File into Mobiflight
  6. Ready to go!

If any help is needed, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord or e-mail.

Best Regards,
M. Yasar Kaya

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2 thoughts on “How to connect ATC Radio Module Mobiflight? (MSFS2020/XP11/P3D)

  1. lesirealain says:

    Is the module NAV operational with FSX/Ifly738CBE?
    Best regards

    1. myasarkaya says:

      Nav. Radio Module can be configurated to work with FSX -iFly, but we have no ready-to-use config for it.
      Thanks for your interest.

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