Airbus A320

A320 FCU Connection with MobiFlight

Everything you need to run the FCU via MobiFlight is on this blog page.


  1. Install Driver
  2. Install Mobiflight
  3. Download Mapping/Config File:
    FENIX 320 (updated 11/01/2024)
    FlightSimLabs (FSLab) (in development)
    …you’re welcome to request config files for other aircraft.
  4. Run MobiFlight
  5. Load the Config File into the MobiFlight
  6. Ready to go!

FCU Panel comes with the firmware and module file inside. If you have overwritten it, you can download the module file.

Please do not update the module firmware with MobiFlight. FCU requires a custom MobiFlight firmware for full functionality.

DISCLAIMER: We expressly declare that we do not accept and are not responsible for any problems that may be caused by using FenixQuartz. Using FenizQuartz is entirely the end user’s responsibility.

Any questions, please contact us via e-mail, Facebook Messenger or Discord.

[email protected]

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