How to Run MCP with Mobiflight? (MSFS2020/XP11/P3D/FSX)

I’ve already released new software compatibility that is Mobiflight (click here to read more).

Everything you need to run MCP via Mobiflight is on this blog page.

Note: Please contact us if you bought MCP before 01.Aug.2021.


  1. Install Driver
  2. Install Mobiflight
  3. Download Mapping/Config File:
    • X-Plane 11 Zibo737 (Available soon)
    • MSFS2020 (Beta) (updated 08.12.2021)
  4. Run Mobiflight
  5. Load Config Files on Mobiflight
  6. Ready to go!

MCP Panel comes with the firmware and module file inside. If you have overwritten it, you can download the module file.

Any questions, please contact me via e-mail or Facebook.