Boeing 737

How to Connect MCP with SPAD.neXt?

SPAD.neXt is a software bridge/connector between the Hardware and the Flight Simulator.
You can edit, release, and save any configuration for any flight simulator or aircraft.

Please visit SPAD.neXt! and Discord Server for more.

Core Flight Tech. B737 MCP is fully compatible with SPAD.neXt!

Special thanks to @1L2P (1L2P#5598 on Discord)

The firmware is uploaded to GitHub.

Please follow the “Uploader” to make the MCP compatible with SPAD.neXt.

Internal device features:

  • Turn on/off backlight by pressing C/O + CMDA and C/O + CWSA (MCP needs to be externaly powered)
  • Set Backlight brightness level by pressing C/O and turning V/S encoder
  • Turn on/off all display digits by pressing C/O + CMDB and C/O + CWSB
  • Set Display brightness level by pressing C/O and turning RIGHT COURSE encoder
  • The version is displayed on the led segments digits

If any help is needed, please feel free to contact us!


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