How To Connect/Interface?

Firstly, I owe my thanks to Michael Gerlisher who is the creator of the XPLDirect.

We use and take these advantages of XPLDirect: No extra setup/driver, stable, easy to update, and just Plug and Play.

As we mention inCompatibility of Our Products“: The plug-in only works with the X-Plane 11 and Win10 (64bit).

As a simmer, you can just download the plug-in and locate it in your X-Plane 11/resources/plugins folder. That’s it.

If your computer can not recognize the flight devices, please install these drivers respectively: Driver1, Driver2, and Windows Updates (x64). After installation please restart your computer.

The products in the store have adjustable and sync. backlight function with your sim. As an example, you can adjust the backlight of the MCP by turning “Main Instrument Brightness Knob” on the Captain Side. Also, if you use Radio Panels, they’re sync. with the brightness of the Pedestal Panel. So, you need to turn “Panel Brightness Knob” on the Pedestal Panel.

Have so much fun and fly!

Any questions about installation, feel free to contact us via Facebook or e-mail [].

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